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Our Boys

Meet the Beautiful Boys


Brown(Black) Classic Tabby with White

We love all our cats at Big Heart Maine Coon Cattery, but Tetris is one of the most beautiful types of this breed we have ever seen.  He has a wonderful disposition that compliments his good looks perfectly.  He is still young, so he is still growing so much. We are expecting him to get big!


Dragon (Olim D&D)

Black Ticked Tabby 

There’s no doubt Dragon is going to be a huge boy! Imported from Italy, we are so excited to add his incredible genetics to our program.


Captain Jack

Cream Silver Tabby with White

Jack is such a giant, thick boy! Imported from Russia, he has already proven himself with his offspring. 


Red Tabby with White

Tony is a baby born in our cattery, such a beautiful boy with GIANT feet as he is a perfect polydactyl addition to our breeding program. 


Black Smoke with White

Charlie is a huge boy with the sweetest, calm disposition. Charlie is a wonderful addition and has proven himself over and over with his offspring. Charlie is also a polydactyl. 

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